Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oceans a few pics of what I see and why we need to understand them

The Worlds Ocean's are my life.

Protect and Serve

                                        At 6'8" Tall I look real small next to a 25ft Whale Shark

Forgive us, dear ocean, for all that we have done to harm you. There is light in us and we send it out on this night to the ocean, the earth, and all the creatures that inhabit this planet. May this great force that is within us be strong enough to heal us. We are all one: the earth, the ocean, everything—every one.
© Copyright 2010 Holly Wilson

Bucket list

Every body has things they want to do in this small time we occupy this spinning rock we call planet earth.

Below is my list of things.....along with the reasoning behind them

1. Visit Alaska  The day I step foot on or cross that line into the state of Alaska, for me shall be my accomplishment of visiting all 50 states.... I am an intrepid traveler, for me to qualify a state, I must habitat the state for at least 24 hours, and have driven a car before I call it another state in my book.

2. Marianas Trench The ocean is still a mystery more people have been to outer space then have been to the bottom of the ocean... My belief is we need to understand our planet first, and our worlds oceans are One huge mystery!!

3. Sail or Cruise Arctic and Southern Arctic Oceans The last two Oceans I have till I have sailed or cruised on every Ocean in the world.

4. Ride a train across Canada from east to west or west to east either way, sheesh I am easy!!!

5. City I wish to see
    A. Moscow
    B. Beijing
    C. Agra India (To see the Taj Mahal)
    D. Oslo
    E. Taipei
    F. yes my list is shorter each year.

6. Go on a Safari trip across Africa Lions tigers and bears Oh NO!!!!

7. Hang Glide Yes i know it is actually a controlled crash... but looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

8. Fly Mach 2 My dream as a little kid was to go mach 1 in a jet, then Mach 2 became possible, so I stepped it up,

9. Earn my pilot Licence .. yup buzzing a highway near you soon.

10.  Hike the Pacific Crest Trail Before my 50th bday still have a few more years, But it is en epic adventure for me will be 3-4 months Of Hiking/ Backpacking and problem solving along the way..

11. Publish a Book I Have the works in place for a photo book of mine to be Published Just have to find time to finish it...

12. Hike to Machu Picchu Follow the Salkantay Inca trail a Little more difficult of a hike,, But the way I see it. is, if you are going to experience it.. why not push yourself and live it...